Virdee Virtual Reception

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Virdee Virtual Reception

Virdee Virtual Reception

A seamless end-to-end experience

Virdee technology provides a seamless, touchless, secure experience that assists your guests through their stay. Our software integrates with your system to enable check-ins in as little as 30 seconds and includes secure ID verification, payment collection, and key card issuance, giving your guests faster access and saving your staff time. More than just a check-in solution, VVR also provides features like upgrades, in-room ordering, guest access control, POS payments, and much more.

Virdee offers a fully mobile experience as well as a kiosk solution for an elegant, physical presence that also provides automated key card issuance.

  • Integrated Seamlessly connects to your existing system, or use the Virdee app
  • New revenue streams Both on-site and off-site amenities at your guests’ fingertips
  • Live video support Centralize support and stay connected to your guests 24/7
  • Secure Biometric ID checks ensure accuracy and safety while reducing chargebacks
  • Budget minded Affordable, reduces staff utilization, encourages loyalty program signup
  • Dashboard Check-in management and insight into property performance

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