AHoP Autonomus Hotel Platform

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AHoP Autonomus Hotel Platform

AHoP Autonomus Hotel Platform

Our mission with AHoP is to make your life easier and improve your hotel’s profitability. We run the daily hotel operations for you. The hotel can be staffed or self-service hotel, we do not discriminate. AHoP is the perfect solution for a small to mid-sized hotel, providing seamless combination of customer service, technology and payment management. All this is delivered with pricing that scales according to your business volumes.

The world has seen self-driving cars, grocery stores without cashiers and libraries without clerks. We at AHoP believe that the world is ready for autonomous hotels too.

We provide services that enable any hotelier or property owner to host a totally staffless hotel. The service consists of systems, management and live customer service. Learn more about our services here.

Interested in our services? Contact us at + 358 20 127 8870.

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